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Month: October, 2008

My 2 hours at Serco Usability

We had a field trip to Serco Usability Labs today. We were hosted by Andrew Swartz, who was very friendly and helpful in talking to us about the company and giving us a brief overview of the lab and even getting us involved in some usability activities. It was great that they brought out a […]

Web Without Words – the danger of using wireframes

UX Magazine posted a short note about Web Without Words, a site that strips down popular websites like and to its wireframes. Everyone in the IxD community knows what wireframes are used for, and this approach is sort of the reverse-engineering attempt of that. My question is – does anyone really rely on […]

Blogs on Interaction Design, Usability, and User Experience

Here is a list of some blogs and podcasts that I subscribe to and read regularly for insights into interaction design, usability and user experience. I usually go for breadth, and there’s no “one blog to rule them all”, since all of these different fields (IxD, UxD, usability, ergonomics, HCI) intersects in ways I cannot […]

The UCLIC Experience

I’m only about a month into the UCLIC program, but I thought I’d pen (key?) down my overall impressions about it first, and come back later to fill in the blanks. The whole point is that postgraduate education is quite often a very personal choice, and that students often choose based on very different factors. […]

New Flickr Homepage

Labdien! I love the new Flickr homepage redesign. They’ve made it more easy to do common things on one page, instead of having to move about different pages. Overall, the original page hasn’t lost its flame. It still shows your latest photos, photos from your contacts, and photos from other people. But it’s been upgraded […]

A year ago

A year ago, I stumbled upon a large green book by Alan Cooper and some of his friends. I was browsing for some material on Interaction Design, and this book provided a very sound basis for implementing software unlike any of the software development books I have read. The book was called About Face. It […]