Blogs on Interaction Design, Usability, and User Experience

Here is a list of some blogs and podcasts that I subscribe to and read regularly for insights into interaction design, usability and user experience. I usually go for breadth, and there’s no “one blog to rule them all”, since all of these different fields (IxD, UxD, usability, ergonomics, HCI) intersects in ways I cannot even begin to imagine. (rss)

UIE (User Interface Engineering) is a “leading research, training, and consulting firm specializing in web site and product usability”, according to the website. It was founded by Jared Spool, a heavyweight in the usability industry. He has a podcast called SpoolCast, which I also listen to. UIE features articles and blogs from its employees and other folks, not just Jared. The podcast often features interviews with noted experts in their various fields related to IxD. (rss)

Bokardo is a blog by Joshua Porter, author of “Designing for the Social Web”. He writes on interface design for social websites and applications. His articles are very insightful, and are very applicable in the field of IxD. (rss)

BplusD is a blog by Jess McMullin, from nForm and co-founder of the Information Architecture Institute. He often writes about innovation, creativity and design from a business perspective. (rss)

Metacool is a blog by Diego Rodriguez, a partner at IDEO. Great stuff on the intersection of innovation, design, creativity and business. (rss)

Jason is a graphic designer and creative director at Happy Cog Studios. He writes on photography and design (and occasional random stuff). (rss)

Peter Morville has a huge list of credentials, being the author of two books, founding several organizations and leading established companies, any post from him is worth a read. (rss)

Adaptive Path was founded by Jesse James Garrett, who is credited to have coined the term, AJAX. The company focusses on user experience solutions, and the blog features a lot of articles from its well-established team. I don’t know why but the Web 2.0 community think very highly of Adaptive Path. (rss)

Karl Long is a product manager by trade, but blogs on innovation and social media (amongst other useful things). Not purely IxD stuff, but worth a read. (rss)

Khoi Vinh is a graphic designer, and now Design Director of Good posts on design, web innovation, social media. (rss)

An online magazine dedicated solely to user experience, featuring articles contributed by a community of designers, usability practitioners, marketers, business gurus, technologists. Contains good “news” content. (rss)

Netmag is a magazine for web developers and web designers. I find that sometimes these two fields intersect. The articles often deal with the technical nitty gritty of web interaction design. Good to have if you’re constantly coding CSS, HTML, Javascript and the like.

Other IxD related sites which I read:

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  1. Boon

    Thanks again. Great stuff – am going to bookmark and come back to check them out later. I’m in the web design business and I love the focus on usability versus ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ though I think one can still marry usability and coolness. Far too many wannabe designers tend to disregard function when they design stuff for clients. I take it that you’re a big fan of typography and design and all things beautiful and elegant right?

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