Thoughts on User Experience by Boon Chew


Month: November, 2008

YouTube interface redesigned

After the changes in Gmail a few days ago, I noticed a similar ad hoc behavior with YouTube today. And I meant ad hoc as in while I was using the website it was still using the old interface, and then after I clicked on a few pages, the layout changed instantly.

iPhone usability

Create with Context did a study on iphone usability by “regular” users, new users, and non-users. There were some interesting things I observed from the presentation: touchscreen interfaces really benefit from good feedback and good button placement visual trims like shadows, bevels, icon quality and transparency can help communicate affordance smartphones can get overly complicated […]

Google Mail offers THEMES

I am overjoyed that Gmail now offers Themes, not just to spruce up my mailbox, but that it also provides some kind of look and feel variation that adds to the experience of an already great email service – different, but great. Like iGoogle, some of the themes offer a “dark/day” background to denote the […]

The Ergonomics Society website is not ergonomic

Why? Because they send your passwords to your email address, when you register on the site. This is despite the fact that if you forget your password, they can reset them and send you a new one to your email. For a website to send passwords to your email upon registration is a dangerous thing […]

World Usability Day, talks at LBi

Today is World Usability Day. I attended an event hosted by UPA at LBi, on Baker Street. The usual light refreshments were served, and the talks were interesting – on the topic on transportation. There was another event going on at System Concepts where talks addressed the topic of Global Positioning Systems, which had a […]

Usability vs. Innovation? Stop already.

I was attending a UPA talk yesterday, and although I came in toward the end of the session, managed to catch a glimpse of what was about to turn into a flame war about how companies aren’t really innovating to their fullest potential. The speaker also apparently implied that usability is becoming less effective a […]