Thoughts on User Experience by Boon Chew


Month: December, 2008

UCLIC Term 1 is almost over – Lessons Learnt

I’ve learnt a lot over term one, but that has also left me with a lot of questions. Here are some general things that I can recall at the top of my head (it’s been a long week)… Bringing practice and academia together isn’t easy and can lead to contrived situations where we have to […] tag renamer

I built a tag renaming tool because I couldn’t find an easy way to bulk-rename my tags to remove symbols and lowercase them. Feel free to use it as it is, and drop me a comment to tell me what you think.

Usability gripes with Firefox’s download feature

Double-clicking on my item on the ‘download’ bar on Mozilla Firefox forced the download to ‘pause’. Why did it do that? What made it so obvious to include such a feature? Was it obvious to Firefox users that double-clicking on the status bar most likely implies the download to pause?