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Month: January, 2009

ACM’s Interactions magazine – Jan/Feb ’09 online

ACM publishes a fantastic journal on human-computer interaction. They’ve made the Jan/Feb ’09 edition publicly available online. Interesting article titles I skimmed from the “Contents” page: Social Network Sites and Society: Current Trends and Future Possibilities 90 Mobiles in 90 Days: A Celebration of Ideas for Mobile User Experience The Washing Machine That Ate My […]

Gravity-Operated Interface: Muji Multi-Functional Clock

I bought this multi-functional clock from Muji which features a fantastic gravity-operated design. You simply rotate the device the “Feature”-way-up to activate that mode. As you can see, it’s currently on Calendar mode. I rotate clockwise to get to the “Alarm” mode. Very simple operation. A “beep” signals that the mode has changed. The settings […]

UPA-UK event: Credit Crunch

I attended the credit crunch event organized by UPA last week, and Gerred Blyth gave a brief presentation about the recession in general and opened the floor to another speaker (I can’t remember who) who spoke from his experience in previous recesssion. Gerred kinda went through a list of industries which were benefiting from the […]

This just scares me

…many students from HCI programs don’t emerge well trained in experimental design, statistics, methods for consumer research, content analysis, or ethnography. These gaps in their research skills limit them when it comes to opportunities in other influential business roles, including promotions beyond the usability function. – Lynn Cherny, Interactions 2007 This just scares me. This […]

Beyond the browser: Usability in Mobile Interaction

I was at a UXCorner meeting last night, and it was organized by the kind folks at UXMedia. They had some interesting speakers come share their experiences about mobile user experience. Mobile Design One of the speakers, Anthony Ribot, gave some insightful bits about user experience from a mobile perspective. Maybe it’s the fact that […]