Thoughts on User Experience by Boon Chew


Month: February, 2009

Web Frameworks: Key to User Experience

I ‘ve been working on web applications for a few years now, and while I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, I have gotten my hands dirty in building apps on all sorts of different web frameworks (about 8 now). After being exposed to the UX community for nearly a year now, […]

Safari 4 – initial impressions

I downloaded and installed Safari 4 Beta and ran it on my Vista-installed laptop. Performance and Functionality It takes a bit of time to load up, but seems to run faster than the previous version of Safari. Some bits of Javascript functionality on sites failed to work when I had too much tabs open. I […]

The value of practice in design methodology

I’ve been exposing myself to more literature surrounding the way design works. In some ways I could call them design literature, but that’s much too broad. Or, I could say it’s about how designers work, but again – not all designers work the same way. In a way, I’m searching for something about the way […]

Serif or not to Serif

I found this article awhile back regarding the use of sans serif and serif fonts. Although sans-serif fonts are widely regarded in its use in webby stuff, that doesn’t mean that a serif font can’t work as well toward building highly legible sites. The conclusion is obvious – use type appropriately based on your […]

Vimeo encourages sign-up through comments subtly

I was watching Don Norman’s talk from UX Week ’08, and I’m not a member on Vimeo or anything, but the blurb at the comments section below was really nicely done. It really is encouraging me to be part of this, and this is an interesting example of “persuasive technology”. For one, it’s almost static. […]

the iPhone is a “personal” device

As Interaction Designers, we’re always encouraged to appreciate and design for the idiosyncratic user. However, it’s not always easy designing the occasional odd habit, as human as they are. I was inspired by Bill Buxton’s Sketching User Experiences to revisit my love for comics. I used to spend hours sketching portraits and making comics and […]

UX is overwhelming

I am drowning in a sea of stuff! Is it me, or is there just too much information out there about UxD, IxD, IA, human factors, etc. I haven’t even done my first proper wireframe sketch. Maybe I just need to back off for awhile and give myself some tiny projects to focus on, until […]