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Month: March, 2009

Will be attending Barcamp London 6

The Experience of Design?

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The Myth of the Perfect Sketch

I have a feeling that my group is suffering from a type of paralysis that makes it hard to produce sketches. But sketching is exactly what we need to do. We’re almost halfway through our two-week intensive Design Experience module, where we have to come up with a navigational device for tourists and present our […]

Blogging Definitions Overload – One to Rule Them All

I started my first web log on Blogger years ago, probably in my little corner of the office as a software developer. At the time, it was just a way to post up random stuff about life, but over the years I slowly realized the potential it had to touch other people’s lives (as well […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Lone UX cum Web Developer

I’ve just spent the last 10 or so hours mucking over Kohana, Doctrine ORM and jQuery – all of which I really enjoy and think are great, but I’m starting to doubt my own ability to code. Do Javascript programmers spend more time building functionality and interaction, or mangling the libraries and fussing over browser […]

Practice Seminars at UCLIC

A List Apart recently published several articles about Web Education, spelling out the inherent difficulties for students to come out prepared for jobs in the web industry. While I can surely sympathize with that, myself being a practitioner for several years, I can also see how academic institutions struggle to reconcile pressure from the perspectives […]

Change Blindness and Short-term memory buffers

The duration of the flickers (not flickrs) that are used to demonstrate Change Blindness in the video posted in the link below only last a few miliseconds, but it’s a powerful visual tool to demonstrate just how easily it is to lose a reader or viewer’s attention. This means that visual clutter can have a […]