Will be attending Barcamp London 6

I just got my ticket at the very last moment yesterday, and I was psyched. And then I realized the event is taking place much sooner than I realized – this weekend. Anyway, I’m prepared to go. I sort of have an idea about what I’d like to talk about, although I’m not quite sure I will be talking. If I do, it’ll probably be about getting feedback from people who have used the Kohana PHP framework and what they think about it.

I’m not entirely sure there’ll be UX people there. Probably more developers. But I’m thinking there might be interesting things that will surface related to UX, like gestural interfaces and stuff. Who knows. This is my first Barcamp. I know nothing!

I remember that there was a Barcamp that took place about a year ago in Kuala Lumpur that I chose not to attend. I didn’t think it was going to be as exciting as the Barcamps that were taking place elsewhere. I guess I have this poor impression of the scene back home, but that’s not very healthy.

Need to make a list of stuff to bring.

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