What I like about Yammer and why it’s not like Twitter

I’m working at a small startup company and we’ve just got ourselves onto Yammer and I’m really getting into it. I use Twitter as well for my regular stuff, but Yammer has me posting all sorts of ideas and thoughts and feedback about the work we do.

We basically use it to state what we’re currently working on, respond to each other’s comments and ideas/rants, post up screenshots of stuff we’ve seen (inspirational sites, examples, etc.), ask questions, etc.

It’s like IM, but I think it works better because it’s like a blog as well. Yammer sends you a summary of the day’s posts, so that you can catch up with what’s going on. I find that it works not just for remote-working solutions but even for team-related tasks because you can be working on different things but not actually see each other’s work.

I like the fact that it’s closed – so that no dumb-ass spammer can find my profile and send a request to follow me.

I also like the fact that I can upload stuff directly into my posts. That way my readers can quickly open up a screenshot, etc. Sure twitter has twitpic, but that requires opening up a separate browser window, etc. With Yammer, all I had to do was use Fireshot to grab the screen capture and save it onto my hard drive, and get Yammer to upload the file from there.

I’m not a big fan of the clients they built (PC/Mac, etc). But it’s functional, and I can use it. The interface doesn’t look and feel as nice as Twitter’s, but I guess again, I’m not really complaining.

I don’t know of any other folks using Yammer, but if you are I’d love to hear what you think.

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