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Month: July, 2009

Why I think Diary Studies are a good thing

I’ve been looking all over for 40-year-old participants for my diary study, and I’m glad I’ve finally recruited three willing participants. The last few participants I recruited were fairly young, about my age, apart from one 59-year-old woman, who provided some very interesting insights into how users search for images. I am excited about this […]

The Internet is the new Workstation

Now that I have two laptops that don’t talk to each other (politically), I have every reason to not take my desktop apps for granted. I still swear by some awesome apps like Adobe Lightroom and less awesome apps like Microsoft Office (meh) that I use to get stuff done, but seriously the Internet is […]

Superb UX Resource article by Whitney Hess

So, I just posted a few days about stumbling upon UX taking 6 months. That process can be cut short by reading one of those really awesome articles about what UX is all about. This one by Whitney Hess is superb: