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Month: August, 2009

UCLIC: The Last Mile

I am turning in my dissertation in exactly one week’s time. I’m taking a short break to write this post, not because I can, but because I just can’t concentrate on revising my project right now. And I was thinking to myself, maybe this isn’t a good time to be blogging about the course you’re […]

My UXCampLondon Review

UXCampLondon has been the best UX event I’ve attended so far. Maybe because it was because I helped organize it, or that it was all of us presenting such amazing stuff, or that the team was so fantastic, or that the sponsors were so awesome or that Addlestones provided cider perks for the barcampers at […]

Useful post by Ryan Carson about A/B Testing

What I like about A/B Testing using Google Website Optimizer: It helps provide real, direct data (as opposed to sheer guesses, or “eye-balling” secondary sources of data) It helps you build strong skills in testing It’s fairly straightforward to setup It’s fairly flexible – allows for HTML markup, etc. See how 37 Signals puts A/B […]

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