Thoughts on User Experience by Boon Chew


Month: October, 2009

Avoiding the Cult of UX and Rising Above It

I’ve been expressing fairly skeptical views about user experience in my previous posts, and it’s partly a side-effect of stuff that I’m still sorting through in my own work and beliefs. Having spent many years building software as a developer, I’ve become overly sensitive of how people perceive technology and how it can be manipulated […]

Google Wave is Not About Email

Everyone’s hyped up about getting a Google Wave invite. I have one and I don’t see what the fuss is about. Yes, I’ve seen the YouTube video, and yes I’ve watched the Developer Preview video too. It looks great and all, but seriously folks – it’s one complicated thing… next to email. And this is […]

UX is Bollocks, as Some People Put It

I feel really guilty because I’ve been neglecting this blog about interactions, especially when almost everything I do for a living involves designing for interactions. Instead, I find myself spending more and more time blogging about careers, which in a way doesn’t have anything to do with interaction. Except for one thing – the human […]

Designing with Methods is a Flaky Thing

I’m currently in a team of 3 people working on a redesign of a website. To me, this feels like my first “real” design project, one where I’ve initiated without any requirements for software implementation. Instead, we began to ask ourselves who are our users, and what exactly are we trying to communicate to them? […]

London IA in a Pub

I’ll be giving a short presentation about my Diary Study experience (same one I gave at UXCampLondon) at London IA in a Pub on October 14. There’ll be other presenters there as well, and it’s going to be a casual night of drinks and listening to some good talks. Space is limited to 50, so […]