Thoughts on User Experience by Boon Chew


Month: January, 2010

Lessons from starting up user research

It has been a long time since I’ve done a user interview. Months. I felt so out of touch, and I was desperate to get back into user research. When I finally succeeded in recruiting a participant a few days ago, I was elated. Okay, so it was someone I met on the London IA […]

Using UCD for the first time and how I failed

My very first attempt at incorporating a user-centered design approach in my software development project was, in many ways – an important start for me, career-wise. It’s because of that project that I am where I am now – I would certainly not have been accepted into the MSc, which subsequently opened a lot of […]

Ethnography in UX: Easily Misunderstood

Ethnography involves a lot more work than user experience design, because it involves deeper immersion, more personal commitment, a greater willingness to learn from one’s own observational failures, and the ability to work across cultural boundaries. This is only a small part of what user experience design attempts to accomplish, and depending on how you […]

Seizing design opportunities and not blaming ourselves.

I just stumbled across Cennydd’s post about ‘blaming the designer’, which somewhat reflects my work experiences in the past year. I too, found the “design hell” comic to be humorous, and admittedly counted it as gospel truth initially. Then I forgot about it and like all designers/developers, went back and dealt with the hard stuff […]