Thoughts on User Experience by Boon Chew


Month: February, 2011

The Purpose of a UX Document

I have a problem in that I find it hard to do any kind of work in which I see no point in doing, and this happens a lot with UX documents. Even when I get rewarded for doing it, it’s hard for me to work on something without understanding the purpose and goal of […]

What I got from UX Hong Kong 2011

I find it surreal that I only got back from Hong Kong the morning two days ago, and that it has only been 4 days since UX Hong Kong. Maybe it’s because I feel there’s a lot to digest and I’m still experiencing the conference high, which I think is a good thing. I’ve certainly […]

How to Attend Interaction ’11 without being there

I had a free day to myself today, so I thought I’d laze around the internet looking for interesting stuff and ended up spending the whole day immersing myself with the insane amount of stuff that’s been posted on the interwebs about Interaction 11 in Boulder, Colorado. After 5 pages of sketchnotes, I’m still not […]

My LightningUX talk – Postmortem

This is a long overdue post that should have gone out a week ago, but I guess it’s better late than never. Why? I’ve been keen on improving my presentation skills (I hear it’s a good thing for UX designers), so I jumped at the chance to present when Lee McIvor announced LightingUX needed some […]