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Month: March, 2011

Simple and Usable from Giles Colborne

I just finished reading Giles Colborne’s “Simple and Usable” – a delightfully compact, practical and highly readable book about interaction design. I’m glad the book isn’t one of those books that tries to solve everything about interaction design. Instead, it’s a book from a designer telling stories about his experiences solving design problems to someone […]

Global Service Jam London 2011

When I first got wind of Global Service Jam back in January, I got really excited that a service design unconference was coming to town. I was desperate to get on board so I tuned into GSJ via twitter and kept a watchful eye on organisers, news, and making sure I got a ticket when […]

HCI + Visual Design = Broken?

When I was studying the HCI course at UCL, we had a module known as “Design Tools and Techniques” (it’s now been changed/modified to “Design Practice”), which provided an overview of design that looked like this: The Design Problem Requirements, Scenarios & Task Analysis Prototyping Sketching Design Judgements Visual Design Visual Communication Interfaces Personas If […]