Hello, my name is Boon.

I am an interaction designer and information architect at SapientNitro, London. The word, “gluethink” is inspired by a talk I did where I described the work of UX as “glue thinking”, ie.:

  • figuring out the structure or form of a thing
  • making things “stick”
  • getting people high

This blog is mostly a way for me to make sense of the numerous spinning plates I’m trying to balance at once as a designer.

Stuff I do

I’m a big advocate of communities and learning. I attend a lot of events and volunteer my time as a local leader of the IxDA London chapter, and have previously organised UXCampLondon twice.

I also produce a large amount of sketchnotes as a result of events that I attend several times a year. So much that I am now running workshops on sketchnoting and doing interesting work involving visual thinking.

Get in touch with me at boon [at] boonyew [dot] com or follow me on Twitter. I’m also on LinkedIn, Flickr, and Quora (albeit silently).

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Usual disclaimer: 

As with most personal blogs, the views expressed here are entirely mine and do not reflect the views of my current or previous employers or clients.