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CSS Rite of Passage

Once again, I am getting my hands dirty with CSS. And I’m no expert, but having read through numerous articles from A List Apart, I’ve been fairly sensitive to how “designer-y” people think and react to CSS issues. For one, I am currently working with rey who’s coding up the front-end for a site we’re […]

Practice Seminars at UCLIC

A List Apart recently published several articles about Web Education, spelling out the inherent difficulties for students to come out prepared for jobs in the web industry. While I can surely sympathize with that, myself being a practitioner for several years, I can also see how academic institutions struggle to reconcile pressure from the perspectives […]

Change Blindness and Short-term memory buffers

The duration of the flickers (not flickrs) that are used to demonstrate Change Blindness in the video posted in the link below only last a few miliseconds, but it’s a powerful visual tool to demonstrate just how easily it is to lose a reader or viewer’s attention. This means that visual clutter can have a […]

The value of practice in design methodology

I’ve been exposing myself to more literature surrounding the way design works. In some ways I could call them design literature, but that’s much too broad. Or, I could say it’s about how designers work, but again – not all designers work the same way. In a way, I’m searching for something about the way […]

ACM’s Interactions magazine – Jan/Feb ’09 online

ACM publishes a fantastic journal on human-computer interaction. They’ve made the Jan/Feb ’09 edition publicly available online. Interesting article titles I skimmed from the “Contents” page: Social Network Sites and Society: Current Trends and Future Possibilities 90 Mobiles in 90 Days: A Celebration of Ideas for Mobile User Experience The Washing Machine That Ate My […]

Beyond the browser: Usability in Mobile Interaction

I was at a UXCorner meeting last night, and it was organized by the kind folks at UXMedia. They had some interesting speakers come share their experiences about mobile user experience. Mobile Design One of the speakers, Anthony Ribot, gave some insightful bits about user experience from a mobile perspective. Maybe it’s the fact that […]

Web Without Words – the danger of using wireframes

UX Magazine posted a short note about Web Without Words, a site that strips down popular websites like and to its wireframes. Everyone in the IxD community knows what wireframes are used for, and this approach is sort of the reverse-engineering attempt of that. My question is – does anyone really rely on […]