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Beyond the browser: Usability in Mobile Interaction

I was at a UXCorner meeting last night, and it was organized by the kind folks at UXMedia. They had some interesting speakers come share their experiences about mobile user experience. Mobile Design One of the speakers, Anthony Ribot, gave some insightful bits about user experience from a mobile perspective. Maybe it’s the fact that […]

UCLIC Term 1 is almost over – Lessons Learnt

I’ve learnt a lot over term one, but that has also left me with a lot of questions. Here are some general things that I can recall at the top of my head (it’s been a long week)… Bringing practice and academia together isn’t easy and can lead to contrived situations where we have to […]

Usability gripes with Firefox’s download feature

Double-clicking on my item on the ‘download’ bar on Mozilla Firefox forced the download to ‘pause’. Why did it do that? What made it so obvious to include such a feature? Was it obvious to Firefox users that double-clicking on the status bar most likely implies the download to pause?

iPhone usability

Create with Context did a study on iphone usability by “regular” users, new users, and non-users. There were some interesting things I observed from the presentation: touchscreen interfaces really benefit from good feedback and good button placement visual trims like shadows, bevels, icon quality and transparency can help communicate affordance smartphones can get overly complicated […]

Usability vs. Innovation? Stop already.

I was attending a UPA talk yesterday, and although I came in toward the end of the session, managed to catch a glimpse of what was about to turn into a flame war about how companies aren’t really innovating to their fullest potential. The speaker also apparently implied that usability is becoming less effective a […]

My 2 hours at Serco Usability

We had a field trip to Serco Usability Labs today. We were hosted by Andrew Swartz, who was very friendly and helpful in talking to us about the company and giving us a brief overview of the lab and even getting us involved in some usability activities. It was great that they brought out a […]

New Flickr Homepage

Labdien! I love the new Flickr homepage redesign. They’ve made it more easy to do common things on one page, instead of having to move about different pages. Overall, the original page hasn’t lost its flame. It still shows your latest photos, photos from your contacts, and photos from other people. But it’s been upgraded […]

The New

Change has come to America… and to the Whitehouse website too. It’s been, er, Web 2.0ized. Clean, frugal lines, punchy and concise content, navigatable – I like it. And of course, it has a blog. If this was a branding exercise, it’d definitely be on the ball (or “spot on”, as the Brits like to […]

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