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Useful London-based UX Social Network sites

photo: This is for the benefit of those who are interested to know more about the UX community here in the UK, although these resources are mostly London-based, with spillover membership from Brighton folks. They’ve been extremely valuable for me as a budding UX practitioner. or Google “london ia ning” Many, if not […]

Vimeo encourages sign-up through comments subtly

I was watching Don Norman’s talk from UX Week ’08, and I’m not a member on Vimeo or anything, but the blurb at the comments section below was really nicely done. It really is encouraging me to be part of this, and this is an interesting example of “persuasive technology”. For one, it’s almost static. […]

World Usability Day, talks at LBi

Today is World Usability Day. I attended an event hosted by UPA at LBi, on Baker Street. The usual light refreshments were served, and the talks were interesting – on the topic on transportation. There was another event going on at System Concepts where talks addressed the topic of Global Positioning Systems, which had a […]

The New

Change has come to America… and to the Whitehouse website too. It’s been, er, Web 2.0ized. Clean, frugal lines, punchy and concise content, navigatable – I like it. And of course, it has a blog. If this was a branding exercise, it’d definitely be on the ball (or “spot on”, as the Brits like to […]