Two of my favourite mini-apps for Mac

My two favourite mini-apps for Mac are:

  1. TextSniper
  2. WordService

TextSniper is a godsend for cutting and pasting text via OCR, because sometimes cutting and pasting text from a video / website / app / photo isn’t possible or straightforward. So instead of CTRL-C for “cut”, TextSniper allows you use a different hotkey to capture text via Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

You can get TextSniper from here ($7.99 / single Mac license).

TextSniper in action

WordService by DEVONtechnologies (the same people behind the powerful DEVONthink)

Sometimes I have the need to convert a bunch of text to lowercase or sentence case and the app I’m using doesn’t allow me to use the built-in Transformations feature.

WordService, which is a free app, lets me do that by right clicking any piece of text and selecting “Services” in the menu and let’s me format or transform the text in a variety of ways.

You can download WordService from here:

WordService in action

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